Montague Sisters – Introduction Video


It’s FINALLY HERE!!! I’m so excited to share the very first look of ‘Montague Sisters.’ This clip is our introduction for all of you to see what this hopeful show would look like (starting with this video in Detroit;). I’ve always dreamed of sharing more with you guys, more than just a photo, more than just a line of text online. If this works and we can get this off the ground, we’ll really be able to share a whole new experience of what it’s like – to be sisters traveling, women working in a male dominated industry, meeting different communities and creating these large scale interactive murals.

There are so many wild, beautiful, fun and crazy moments that I want you guys to see more of. SO…let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!!! …And if you know of any we should chat with, please comment below Xx (PS Big thanks to the Woodward Original team for working their butts off and believing in us every step of the way)



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