My GAP jacket with RED is now available!!

Nov 29, 2016

img_8048My GAP jacket is now AVAILABLE!!! I’m so excited to share this jacket with everyone for #givingtuesday. This is my first clothing item with a custom limited edition pair of wings on the back. I had so much fun designing the art and working with Red for Gap to raise money to fight AIDS. Looking cute and doing good is always a good thing right?

** This item is SOLD out**


img_8082 img_8059

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you enjoy!



Twin Farms in Vermont

Nov 22, 2016

This was my second time being invited to Twin Farms and all can I say is, this place is magical. The people are exceptional, the food by Chef Nathan & his culinary team is incredible and the entire hotel is just breathtaking. There is so much detail and focus on making each guest feel at home. If you need a break and you need to escape, definitely take a trip to one of my favorites…Twin Farms

We started off the weekend with a fun collaboration featuring this coloring book dessert from a specific page of the What Lifts Your Heart coloring book;) So much fun watching a room full of people color in and eat their dessert at the same time;)
The food is exquistie. I’ve never had dining experiences like I have at Twin Farms. This was a ‘casual’ lunch set up in our room on the second day.
My team and I had so much fun hosting a fun afternoon of coloring. This canvas I drew on during the workshop and then invited guests to color in the piece.
There’s always a canvas somewhere right? 😉


Australia – Byron Bay, Gold Coast & Adelaide

I love Australia. Every time I get to go there for work I pinch myself. The people are amazing, the food is fresh & healthy,…

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Nov 22, 2016

One&Only Le Saint Geran – Paradise on Earth

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Mark Twain This is completely true folks and the One &…

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Oct 17, 2016

What Lifts Your Heart Coloring Book Is Now Available!

My second coloring book for adults What Lifts Your Heart comes out today!! If you love to color or know someone who loves to color check…

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Oct 11, 2016