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Smart Creative Women Interview

Mar 19, 2014

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Excited to say my interview with Smart Creative Women is now live! I had such a wonderful time chatting with Monica and hope you guys will not only listen to our chat but also follow her each week. She’s an amazing person and she brings other amazing women to light. You can see the video here.


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It was an honor to talk with such a warm and intuitive woman. Smart Creative Women is worth bookmarking. Here are her social media pages:

Twitter: Smart Creative Women

Facebook: Smart Creative Women

Instagram: @smartcreativewomen

Enjoy! xx


Types of Pens

Mar 18, 2014

types of pens kmI’ve been meaning to do this post for a while! I’ve heard from a lot of you wondering what type of pens I use for my artwork. I’m pretty simple and not fussy about the brands I like to use. I know a lot of artists use some pretty expensive and one-of-a-kind pens but for me I migrate towards sharpie and mostly Energel & Uni-Ball pens. You can pick these pens up at your local store, they last a long time and they produce a great ink line. They’re probably used more for note taking and other non-art related tasks but I’ve never cared about that. They’ve always been great for highly detailed artwork as well. Here’s a bit more information on these specific types:

1. Uni-ball Signo bit 0.18, made in Japan. If you’re looking for a very delicate pen to do highly detailed work, this pen is for you. The tip is so fine you can write on a grain of rice.

2. Energel Liquid Pen 0.7mm ball, made in Japan. This is the pen I prefer the most. It’s versatile and great for detail work.

3. Uni-ball Vision fine. Similar to the Energel pen. A nice opaque ink that saturates a lot of ink onto the page.

4. Sharpie ultra fine point and normal. Wonderful to fill in larger parts of a drawing, helps speed things up if needed!

Also starting to work with more color, like these rainbow sharpie pens;)

sharpieLet me know if you have any questions and write below in the comments and tell me what are some of your favorite pens to use?! Always fun to try something new.

xx Kels

Suda The Painting Elephant

Mar 12, 2014


Nothing better than to start off your day watching this elephant paint a self portrait. I’m still speechless. You can see the video¬†here. xx


Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phone cases!

Mar 11, 2014

Galaxy Owl 2

Excited to say you can now purchase my phone cases in Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 here. Hope you enjoy (and thank you again for your support, it inspires me daily) xx

Galaxy Peacock moss