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Good Travel & Costa Rica Wings

Aug 29, 2014

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 4

photo 1 (99)
When I first heard about Good Travel I was pretty excited to learn that a travel company not only wanted to inspire people to travel but they also wanted to support and help the local businesses and communities. It’s a win-win situation. I’ve realized the last few years have been very full for me but the one thing missing was travel. Travel feeds you, opens your world to new people & cultures and inspires you. I’m so thankful to travel again and, better yet, to travel for my art. That’s why getting to know the beautiful ladies from Good Travel has been so amazing. Their support of my work and wanting to be a part of #whatliftsyou has touched me in so many ways. Their main focus is bringing together people who believe in good travel and making a difference with local artisans and businesses that are also focused on good.

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 2

I’m so blessed to have been a part of this trip and to have been able to work with such great people. To learn more about Good Travel, check out the following links…you won’t be disappointed;)

Good Travel Website
Good Travel Facebook
Good Travel Instagram

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 9

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 6

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 8

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 5

Kelsey Montague for Good Travel 1

Have a great day guys. More photos coming soon from the Costa Rican wings.


Colorado Street Art – Behind the Scenes

Aug 12, 2014

This was an amazing piece to work on. 8 feet tall, a whole lot of detail, great people, rain/sun, a few interviews, too many paint markers to count and lots of coffee later…it was an amazing couple of days.

Here are some fun behind the scenes pics…enjoy! xx

photo 1 (96)


photo 2 (81)






photo 2 (81)




Butterfly wings in Colorado

Aug 6, 2014

Colorado Butterfly instagram

Colorado you have a new pair of butterfly wings! This is my first street art piece in Colorado and it’s located at Spur Coffee in Historic Downtown Littleton. I started coming to this coffee shop & networking space a few months ago, and I have to tell you, if you’re in Colorado you need to check this spot out. The people here are amazing and have become like a second family to me. They have a great space, amazing coffee/food and an awesome creative community of people.


This one meant a lot to me and I hope you guys can visit/enjoy these wings ♡


Strawberry Cake

Aug 1, 2014

photo 5 (42)

This counts as breakfast right? Because I’m now on my second piece of cake..hello weekend.

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