2020 Southern Road Trip

Hello Folks!

Our last big road-trip was through the South and it was wonderful. We painted wings in Houston, a massive flock in Mississippi and a human sized dragon-fly in Benton, Arkansas.

Here are the many murals we did on our most recent road trip!

Houston wings! This piece is in Alexan Heights
These wings are in Benton, Arkansas and we worked with the owners of Jones Heating & Air Conditioning- the sweetest folks around.
Our first mural in Alabama!!! These peacock wings are classic Kelsey Montague.
50 ft up on a lift in Hattiesburg.
A 5 story dragonfly flock in Hattiesburg, MS.
Our new Nashville mural in Capital View!
A swing for Green Hills, Nashville
This is one of our favs. This is for the John’s Creek Diversity Group – Everyone has a seat at the table!
This is a private piece for crew and cast that come in and out of the incredible Trilith Studios- Atlanta

We were so blessed to be able to do this trip and work with these amazing clients! We stayed safe the entire time, kept a 6 ft distance, wore masks and hand-washed obsessively. We’ve been home over 2 weeks with no symptoms and we are so grateful. Those protocols work if you work them!

Stay safe out there folks,

Love, Kelsey and Courtney

PS If you love Kelsey’s hat check it out here: