5 Story NYC Mural

We are so blessed to be commissioned to do a piece facing the Highline in NYC (at 10th Ave and 29th street). Our client, First Republic Bank, has a long history of supporting entrepreneurs and artists.  They commissioned us to do this mural as part of their expansion into the Hudson Yards/Manhattan West neighborhood and as a nod to their heritage in the creative arts. One of their clients loved our work and that is how they found us!

This piece was tough because we had to navigate the lift over a NYC street and between 3 power lines, but it was so worth it! The piece is a ‘love letter’ to NYC and has many items hidden inside that represent the qualities of NYC that make it so unique. You’ll find a NYC skyline, masks to represent the dramatic arts, clothing items for the fashion scene and a paint palette to represent the arts. There is also a statue of liberty hidden in the piece if you can find it.

Big thanks to First Republic Bank for this incredible opportunity. If you’re walking down the highline this fall be sure to get a picture interacting with the art.

– Courtney and Kelsey