Art Studio For The Day – The Rocky Mountains

Kelsey Montague Art 7Who doesn’t love sitting in an empty grass field overlooking The Rocky Mountains at a desk you hauled in yourself? Random I know.


Awhile back I wanted to get out and create my own art studio for the day. Seeing new things, meeting new people and experiencing different environments are really important to me. It’s where I start feeling the most creative. So instead of sky diving, bungee jumping or planning a big trip out of the country…I decided to do something closer to home (and a lot easier on the wallet). Last fall, my sister and I carried a desk, chair and everything else I would need for an art studio to a huge open field overlooking The Rocky Mountains. It was a magical day and one I’ll never forget. Surrounded by nature, crisp air with no distractions, except for the random flock of birds. I hope you guys also break free and create an office somewhere different (even for a few hours;). It’s worth it.

Kelsey Montague Art 8

Kelsey Montague Art 6

Kelsey Montague Art 9

Kelsey Montague Art 5

Kelsey Montague Art 4