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    1. Hi Lauren

      Thank you so much! I noticed your pictures on Instagram and just read through the blog post – you are stunning and your site is gorgeous. Would you mind if I featured you on Facebook soon?

      Thanks again!


  1. Absolutely love this!! My mom and I are I visiting New York this week on a tour of colleges, and we both want to go see the wings! Could you tell us where this is?? Hoping to take a Vanessa Hudgens inspired picture with them hahaha!

    1. Hi Sophia!

      So glad you are going to visit the wings. They are at the corner of Kenmare & Mott in Nolita (just North of Little Italy in Manhattan). They are painted on the wall of the restaurant L’Asso – stop in and have some pizza when you’re there (they have amazing food). And be sure to #whatliftsyou

      X Kelsey

  2. Hi, I must say it was a really brilliant experience for me when I dropped by at your website. I just wished to compliment you on the quality of the work you have done here and to send you bon chance with it as you advance in the future. It was nice to browse your site and I shall probably be stopping by again shortly to find out how you are doing. Thanks a ton and I shall see you here soon – Riley Winship

  3. I was in NYC over the long weekend from India.. and chasing those wings were on my list.. unfortunately it was offa the wall by then.. however I want to say that I absolutely love your style and work and hope to catch a mural done by you in good time.

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