Behind the Scenes – NYC street art

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Hands down one of the most physically demanding projects I’ve done yet. Getting up on a large ladder, drawing vertical, a constant audience and non-stop for 7 hours racing both sun and clouds…but so so worth it;)

Enjoy these pics!
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6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – NYC street art

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lauren

      Thank you so much! I noticed your pictures on Instagram and just read through the blog post – you are stunning and your site is gorgeous. Would you mind if I featured you on Facebook soon?

      Thanks again!


  1. Sophia Niemi

    Absolutely love this!! My mom and I are I visiting New York this week on a tour of colleges, and we both want to go see the wings! Could you tell us where this is?? Hoping to take a Vanessa Hudgens inspired picture with them hahaha!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sophia!

      So glad you are going to visit the wings. They are at the corner of Kenmare & Mott in Nolita (just North of Little Italy in Manhattan). They are painted on the wall of the restaurant L’Asso – stop in and have some pizza when you’re there (they have amazing food). And be sure to #whatliftsyou

      X Kelsey

  2. Binaipher

    I was in NYC over the long weekend from India.. and chasing those wings were on my list.. unfortunately it was offa the wall by then.. however I want to say that I absolutely love your style and work and hope to catch a mural done by you in good time.


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