Coffee Art

Coffee wings by Kelsey Montague
Drinking coffee, drawing coffee, learning about coffee, visiting coffee shops…pretty much anything to do with coffee I’m going to love.
Elephant and cookies by Kelsey Montague Art
When I first started drawing for my social media pages, there was a lot of coffee posts in there. And to be honest there are still a lot of coffee posts in there. Primarily because they make me happy to work on and visually represent my caffeine craving in the morning. Love seeing the response these posts have had over the last year. Annndd I can’t wait to work on some more caffeine inspired ideas.
Here are some of my all time favorite coffee posts. (And I hope your Monday is going fast and drama free at work)

KM Paws 2

Photo May 15, 2 08 54 PM

Latte Love

Heavenly Cup of Coffee

Muffin Heaven

Rattlesnake coffee

Photo May 15, 1 55 40 PM

Coffee heart by Kelsey Montague Art

Coffee and cinnamon rolls