Goodbye 2014

Kels 2
2014 you were a year to remember. I made more life changes within the last 12 months than I ever have before. Here’s my 2014 recap (can’t believe this all happened in 12 months)…
Kelsey Montague Art 1
I quit my job(/s) in NY.
new years in colorado
I moved out of NYC.
Kelsey Montague Art 3again
I got a puppy > Roo
Kelsey Montague Art 4
I started drawing interactive wall murals.
Kelsey Montague Art 5
I started traveling again.
Kelsey Montague Art 6
I focused on Nikita & Vesper – the fashion brand my sister and I started.
Kelsey Montague Art 7
I spent time with family in CO.
Kelsey Montague Art 8
I started getting more sleep/eating better and just taking better care of myself.
Kelsey Montague Art 9
I went for it this last year, in every way. It was scary but my life is on a beautiful new path now and it’s enriched by getting to know so many of you and committing myself completely to my art and this community. Thanks for going down this unknown path with me guys. 2015 is going to be even more crazy and I can’t wait to share it all with YOU! New countries/states to visit, new murals to make, more art, new ideas, a big move to California with my sister, a growing puppy and the building of my blog/art brand. Can’t wait. Have an awesome last day of 2014. Here’s to the new year, going after your dreams and making it all happen…#2015 #youaregoingtobeamazing