Kelsey Montague Art Floral WingsHey guys,

Here’s a list of the murals I currently have up! If there’s a question mark next to a specific location, I’m not sure if it’s still up or not. I’ve also listed out the cities I’ll be creating murals in soon;)



– The Evelyn Hotel

– Greecologies

– Little Italy: Mulbery & Hester st

– Chelsea Market: solo exhibition

– Prince st & Mott st: Feed mural

– 23rd & 3rd Ave

San Antonio, TX

– Travis Park

– Houston & Navarro st

– Houston st (around the corner from Houston & Navarro)

Littleton & Boulder, CO

– Spur Coffee

– Atlas Building, CU Boulder

Los Angeles, CA

– Sunlife Organics in Malibu & Calabasas

San Diego, CA

– Seaport Village


Basel, Switzerland

– Stucki Shopping Mall (?)

Zermatt, Switzerland

– 1818 Restaurant



– Bondi Beach


– Melbourne Central

– Vic Market (?)

Sunshine Coast

– Caloundra Airport (?)

New Zealand


– Ponsonby Central (?)

Costa Rica

San Jose

– Hotel Milvia

Murals coming up!

– Austin, Nashville, San Diego, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Miami, Boulder, LA (and another European trip coming this fall).



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