Kelsey Montague Art X S’well & Starbucks

Hey Guys,

It’s been a stellar week. First Courtney and I get to go beautify MSD in Parkland and now my S’well for Starbucks limited edition line has come out! This product line is a year in the making and it was a proud day when these little beauties hit the shelves. They are in most Starbucks (they aren’t being sold online unfortunately) and only available in the USA (sorry to my buddies abroad!). I made 4 different styles. 2 include wings, 1 looks like a garden and 1 is a neat, cityscape.

I have really loved working with both of the incredible teams at S’Well and Starbucks. S’well thanks for putting my name in the ring when speaking to Starbucks. Thank you for being committed to changing our world by reducing people’s reliance on plastic.

Thanks to Starbucks for being committed to environmental sustainability through your product partnerships, greener stores, greener cups and greener energy.

Oh and thanks for making great coffee and letting me design a beautiful product to keep it in.

x, Kelsey