Little Bird Organics : Best (un) Bakery in New Zealand

Flowered Cheese Cake - Kels Montague

Morning Loves,

If you’re looking for the best bakery in New Zealand, I found it on my trip. Little Bird Organics specializes in creating good-for-you foods. Their ‘unbakeries’ are gorgeous cafes around the country that specialize in creating stunning, delicious raw cakes, bakery items and tartes.

The fine ladies at the UnBakery in Ponsonby made us three of the most stunning cakes and tartes we’ve ever seen. I can assure you these cakes taste as good as they look (yes that good)! If you’re ever in Auckland I highly recommend you stop by this wonderful place!

X, Kelsey

PS thank you for the wonderful cakes ladies!

Little Bird Organic Cakes and Kelsey Montague Art with owl

Pasion Fruit Tarte

Passionfruit tarte.

Chocolate Torte Little Bird Organics

Chocolate flower torte