My GAP jacket with RED is now available!!

img_8048My GAP jacket is now AVAILABLE!!! I’m so excited to share this jacket with everyone for #givingtuesday. This is my first clothing item with a custom limited edition pair of wings on the back. I had so much fun designing the art and working with Red for Gap to raise money to fight AIDS. Looking cute and doing good is always a good thing right?

** This item is SOLD out**


img_8082 img_8059

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you enjoy!



5 thoughts on “My GAP jacket with RED is now available!!

  1. Lisa Stern

    As an Agent/Manager I wanted to express how much I sincerely appreciate your work, your message and your integrity….Bravo! You are such an inspiration and I just wanted to “Thank You”✨

  2. Nanette

    Anyway to get this jacket? I am new to this website & just now saw this jacket……it’s amazing!!!!!

  3. Victoria

    Please more of your “wearable” art Kelsy. I have just discovered and you and your amazing soul.

    Victoria in KC,MO


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