IMG_2624What an amazing week in Nashville! I was already in love with this city before stepping off the plane. And trust me the city did not disappoint. The music, the people, the food, were all amazing.


This is the largest WhatLiftsYou mural I’ve done yet. 20 feet high, 60 paint pens with a very large boom lift later, it’s done! Thank you to The Gulch and to everyone who came out to support this project. Is was a week I’ll never forget. If you’d like to see the wings, they’re at 302 11th Ave S in The Gulch. And if you have time check out the Juice Bar or Biscuit Love, both around the corner from the mural;)


IMG_2632 IMG_2630





The wings are all yours Nashville, take good care of them for me!



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    1. Love your Nashville wings!!
      My husband is from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a very artistic place! Full of history & culture. Frida Kahlo, the artist, was Oaxacan. I think Oaxaca would be a great place to paint your wings!
      Probably right in the “Zocalo”, the center of town. Or on the wall of the historical and famous hotel, which used to be a convent. It used to be named “El Presidente”. Now it is an “El Camino Real” hotel. (A chain.) Still a 5☆ hotel full of rich history. Or along the corridor between the Zocalo and the famous cathedral, Santo Domingo.

  2. Hi I will be visiting Nashville very soon and wondering where this is located! I want to take a picture with it! Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful artwork -we went to make pictures today and they are stunning.

  4. Nashville is my favorite place. It’s my happy spot. Im going to go soon and go to the wings and get a picture due to the fact I’m a 1 year Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!!! Thank you for the wings. It makes me think of the saying “ Take the step, but what if I fall? Oh but what if you fly my friend “

  5. Love what you did for Nashville. Never pass those wings without being amazed. Thanks for sharing your art!

  6. Our Family from Cleveland came in town this weekend to visit. We brought them here to earn thier Wings.
    We All had such a Beautiful experience doing this.
    Thank you so much Kelsey for your Beautiful artwork. Giving your time and talent. PRICELESS

  7. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents here. As a widow enjoying a weekend with other Grief Anonymous widows/widowers here in Nashville, these wings represent so much to me. The angel wings my husband earned, and the wings given to me to fly and continue to be lifted and lift one another in this journey called Life. Priceless.

  8. Took some friends down to check out the wings and realized they are one of the most popular sites in Nashville for pics. Waited an hour in the hot sun for several bridal parties, individuals, and couples to take their turns. Everyone was funny and excited to mark this stop off their bucket lists. Thank you for such an iconic spot. Truly beautiful work.

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  10. We were in town for the Cher concert and our hotel was in The Gulch. We were so excited to find out the wings were just a few blocks over. They are “Amazing”!!!!

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  12. Hi–Can anyone advise on the best time of day for pictures–morning or evening? What direction does the mural face? Helps with planning our very brief trip.

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