This was something I never ever thought would happen. Especially coming from a girl who couldn’t get into a single art gallery in Manhattan. The biggest thing I’ve learned about working with well known groups (like The Smithsonian) is that it really is about the people. And let’s just say the team at this museum is amazing and really believed in what we’re doing with interactive street art. I’m humbled and deeply thankful they liked my work and included me in such an amazing museum.

Just wish my Grandpa could have been around to see this one. He would have loved it.

Below are some pics from our week there.



PS Thanks to Posca for sponsoring this project with pens! You’re the best. You know who you are.

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  1. Hi Kelsey! I am confused about what work you did at the SAMM? Is there work you created up there currently? Was there a pop-up? There doesn’t seem to be any info up on google about your visit there? i am a DC preschool teacher and I am showing the kids some of your work and it would be LOVELY if they could see it in person! I know about the space in Bethesda but I was hoping for something closer…


  2. Thank you for your amazing art! I went to the American art museum! Are there any more of your artworks near DC?

    If you would ever like to tattoo your art or make some flash templates to be tattooed on others please let me know! On the house from one artist to another! People get wings tattooed a lot!!!! Susie x

    I am planning on taking my skills on the road 2019 and it would be very healing to offer some original designs from you!? I want to offer people who have suffered free tattoos and areola/ paramedical tattoos! The ones thst can pay will subsidise the ones that cannot etc etc

    I will launch a kick start soon thank you

  3. Hi, I really love your art! Are the ones in Washington, DC still up? If they are, may i have the exact location?…tried to search for you at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but could not find you.
    Thank for any reply soon,
    Sue T
    Nov 6, 2018

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