Sugar Cookie Art

Sugar Cookie Art
Best memories of making sugar cookies right here. It’s been longer than I can remember since being in my home town for Christmas. And even though there’s not much snow, my sister and I were determined to revisit some of our family traditions. One of those traditions is to decorate sugar cookies. So many amazing memories with my family doing this.

We love this recipe.

To do the art we recommend using a simple white frosting, letting it dry completely through and using edible paint pens to create on each cookie. Have fun! Doodle, draw, create a special cookie for a loved one. Instead of writing out To/From cards this year use a cute wrapped up cookie to do it!

Sugar Cookie Art - Christmas Tree
Sugar Cookie Art - Snowflake
And to mix it up even more, we purchased these Foodoodler decorating pens. I had no idea these pens even existed but I have feeling they’ll be brought out now for every Christmas we have at home.
Sugar Cookie Art - Kelsey Montague
Sugar cookies 3
Sugar Cookie - Mix It Up