Taylor Swift and Kelsey Montague- Nashville Mural

Yesterday, 4.25.19, Taylor Swift commissioned Kelsey’s large butterfly mural in The Gulch, Nashville.

Why? Because Taylor loved the first piece Kelsey ever did in NYC and wanted to create a piece that hid clues to her new song for her fans.

To say we are grateful or excited about this is a huge understatement.

Taylor stood with Kelsey’s first-ever interactive mural in NYC and put it on Instagram 5 years ago. It went viral and opened doors we never thought would open. Since then Kelsey has created over 270 murals around the world. We’ve traveled to Sydney, Hong Kong, Galway, Cape Town and London to name a few.

But to have it happen again? We are pinching ourselves.

Kelsey had never met Taylor before and when she met her yesterday Taylor told Kels she’s ‘grown so much’ and that she was a big fan. Kels let Taylor know what a huge fan of her she is and she got to thank Taylor for changing our lives and giving Kelsey her voice 5 years ago!

There aren’t many people out there who would shine a spotlight on another artist like Taylor has done for Kelsey (repeatedly!). To commission Kelsey, mention it on insta stories and then give her a shout out across social media… we are in awe of your generosity, respect and kindness Taylor.

From the perspective of a very proud older sister- thank you.

Dreams do come true. And we are committed to paying this gift forward.

– Courtney

PS. Linda Montague (Mom) has officially decided she is the head of the ‘Senior Swifty’ fan club.