Hello Everyone!

We have been blown away by the response by teachers and parents around the world to the ‘What Lifts You Schools’ program and are now excited to offer the ability to gift the program to your favorite teacher 🙂

We put the 1 year subscription and the 3 year subscription plans on Etsy. When you purchase this item on Etsy you will automatically be sent an email with a gift certificate you can print or email to a recipient so they can sign up for the ‘What Lifts You Schools’ program for free.

Below I’ve featured a few of my favorite posts in the #WhatLiftsYouSchools hashtag, keep them coming! Thank you for your support!

XX, Kelsey

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  1. If I have bought a subscription to the What lifts you Schools videos, is there a way I can share my videos with my students so they can view them individually on their iPads?

  2. Kelsey: I am a counselor at Toms River Schools and an ABS. I love your work! I am going to sign up for your 1 year subscription to What lifts you schools. I was unable to sign up to receive a free one year subscription for a teacher. I would love to give it to one of the art teachers in our school

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