FullSizeRender (7)It’s been a dream of mine to create a moving pair of wings. This app has been in the works for over a year now and I love seeing everyone’s wing posts pop up through the#WhatLiftsYouApp hashtag.

To purchase this app online click here.

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Keep sharing and keep enjoying;)



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  1. I was visiting my sister in Nashville. We went out for dinner and came across your wall art of wings. There was a line so we went on to dinner. After dinner we were going to head to an art bar but I was chilly and so we ran into a clothing store to grab a light sweater/cover. I ended up getting a top that had large flaring sleeve ends and it was a little overboard for my style but it was soft, warm and pretty cute on over my romper. We drove by your mural and no one was there so I said “pull over and let’s just jump out and get a pic” my sister took my pic in front of your beautiful wings and it was night. I looked up at the light and had my arms out with those feather like sleeves. I had a black romper on and the top was light gray so it looks almost white in the pic. I was taken by the whole photo taking. I am a runner and I have run the Rock n roll marathon in Nashville twice. My fastest ever was in 2007 running a 3:03:43 and later in 2015 I ran a 3:13. I placed both times and always enjoyed coming here from Florida to do the race and spend time with my sister, also known as Aunt Val to my 6 & 9 year old. I got discouraged after running the half in 2016 feeling the hills were too much for me from living in south Florida for 8 months. But the combination of last night and having some fabulous runs here while visiting(now back in Pensacola,fl) I’ve decided to run the Music city marathon next April. I will qualify for Boston and run Boston for the 5 thtime. So, thank you for your very real and uplifting art. It inspired me to not give up. Ive been told I inspire people with my running. With your help and inspiration I can continue to inspire also. Thank you!

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