Bolinda Audio Headphone Mural

IMG_3973This  was one of those projects that was exciting from day one. The team & business owner (amazing), the company (inspiring), the mural concept (spot on). One day filled with art, great conversations, great food and amazing people…it just doesn’t get any better.

Being able to create my ideas is the best thing in the world, the only thing that tops that is getting to meet truly amazing people from around the world.

Thank you Bolinda for being so inspiring and for bringing me out for an amazing day. IMG_1513IMG_1514^^ Amazing Rebecca. She started Bolinda, is a great mom and one inspiring lady ♡^^IMG_3976^^ Art team for the day! My Aussie sis Lauren and my big sis Courtney ^^IMG_1509

^^ Love this quote in the Bolinda HQ^^