TLC in ChicagoJust finished two pairs of custom #WhatLiftsYou wings with TLC for their ‘I am’ campaign. It was my first time in Minneapolis and Chicago and both cities were amazing!

I also love the team I worked with for this project. TLC you have a great group of smart, genuine and fun people;)I Am Limitless TLC w Kelsey Montague ArtIf you’re in The Windy City, the exact location is 1555 North Western Avenue and if you’re in the Twin Cities, the exact location is 2746 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis!


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  1. Hello Ms.Kelsey,
    I was passing by San Antonio today on my way to a camp site and I saw your three murals. I went to all the locations multiple times to find them and couldn’t find anything 🙁 I tried looking at the brick in the background to find buildings but no luck. I saw a mural in Travis park exactly where yours looks to have been but it is a different one. I think maybe a picture of the building with an exact address or maybe even a pin location(Apple phones) could help myself and others find your beautiful artwork. I hope one day I do find these, please let me know if they were put up temporarily for pictures or if they are in permanent places please and thank you ma’am 🙂

  2. I’m very discouraged that the one in Chicago is already gone. Did you know it was temporary? All that hard work and a beautiful art work and they put advertisements over it.

  3. Just at the Chicago location on my birthday, Monday 9/19. Unfortunately the mural is no longer there.

    1. They painted over the one in MN too. I used to live a block over from it and really enjoyed the ‘up’lifting art. Come back to the Twin Cities!!

    2. Also the Minneapolis balloon mural location no longer exists. A mural is in its place

  4. Just went to track down your mural in Minneapolis and it is no longer there. I’m incredibly sadden by not being able to see it before it was painted over.

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