Cereal Cafe with Kelsey Montague Art

I’ve been recently looking through photos from London, wishing every city in the world had a cereal cafe. If you’re in London or will be soon, you need to check out the Cereal Killer Cafe on Bricklane. It’s a small space with only a handful of seats that you could easily miss if you weren’t looking or if there wasn’t a huge line out the front door. If you love cereal (or even if you don’t) this place is worth checking out. Floor to ceiling cereals from all over the world, a full menu with different cereal mixes & milk flavors. If you’re in the mood there are even cereal chapsticks to buy. So much fun and such a great idea ♡

Hippo 2 by Kelsey Montague Art





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  1. Hello. We will be going to London this month of Aug. 2016. We were wondering if your outdoor or indoor mural is still there at the Cereal Killer Cafe? I’m a big fan of your art work.
    Also where in Paris? We will be going there too in Aug. Cheers!

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