Laceit mural by Kelsey Montague Art

Hey guys,

Here’s a list of the murals I have up right now and the length of time they’ll be available for viewing. Let me know if you guys can see them (or hopefully more than one of them) and which city you think I should travel to next?!

Also attached a list of cities I’ll be traveling to soon for more street art murals!



Littleton, CO – Spur coffee (1 month)

San Jose, Costa Rica (permanent)

Auckland, NZ – Ponsonby (two weeks)

Sydney, AU – Bondi Beach ( 2 months)

Melbourne, AU – Melbourne Central, Flinders St Station, Queen Victoria Market, Combi (TBD)

Zermatt, Switzerland (3 months)

Zurich, Switzerland (4 months)

Basel, Switzerlandย  (4 months)


Upcoming cities!

New Orleans (July)

NYC (July/August)

San Diego, CA (Aug)

Vancouver, Canada (Sept)

Grand Rapids, MI (Sept)

San Obispo, CA (Oct)

Denver, CO (TBD)

Jamaica (TBD)

Paris (TBD)

South Africa (TBD)

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  1. Hi!! I absolutely love your murals. Friends and I are visiting NYC and I remembered seeing that those wings were taken down last fall. So excited to see they are coming back?! I live outside of Philadelphia and would love it if you could manage to make it this way. Thank you for all you do!

      1. Would it be possible for you to make one in Illinois Chicago Hyde Park? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask.

        1. Hi! I absolutely love your work, it’s so inspiring . I’m road tripping down the east coast and would love to see each of your pieces. Do you have a map or a list of them all? I’m starting in Boston, is there one here? Thank you so much!

  2. Oh my god !! You gonna do one in Paris !!!!! When ??? Because I will be in the US for a year but I want to see the wall in paris first cuz it’s my homecountry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Come to Philadelphia! There has been so many cool things going on in Philly lately your murals would add to them! I would love to help you find a location or reach out to people if you are interested.

  4. Hello, I was wondering if you would do any murals for Chicago and Washington D.C? It would be great for you to have murals there! BTW I love your murals. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I just did a feather lesson at my new school (art teacher here) and our mascot is Redbirds! I see your will be nearby this week would not be ok to come and see you possibly snap a selfie to share with my 700 students??? Thanks!!!

  5. I love your murals! They’re absolutely stunning. I think you should go to Toronto, Canada next! There’s so much street art around there, especially on Queen St. If your work was on display, it would be absolutely fantastic!

  6. Your murals are just stunning! I was especially excited about seeing your mural in NYC since I will be visiting today, where is it located?

  7. Your murals are amazing! Personally, I have not seen one, but from what I have seen online I am blown away by the detail and beauty of them. I think you should try to go to Tampa, Florida next, if possible. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kelly, my daughter and her best friend are visiting NOLA in September. I know they would love to visit #whatliftsyou while there. Please tell me where they might find your art work. Thanks
    P.S. Since you will be in Michigan in September a trip to the Motor City would be fantastic!

  9. Is the San Diego one already up? I would LOVE to see it… I live here in San Diego ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beautiful art Kelsey!!!

  10. Just discovered your inspirational and beautiful art. You are amazing, keep going!
    Please come to BERLIN!!!! You are more than welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lots of love to you XX

  11. Oh Kelsey, Ive just found your amazing site after a cousin of mine hash tagged your wings in Brisbane. I have taken it as a sign today #whatliftsyou while I’m lying-in bed trying to cope with the side effects of Chemotherapy due to my Breast Cancer diagnosis in May!
    I live in New Zealand and have just seen that Auckland is posted as a place for you to visit. Do you have any dates yet. What id give right now to watch you design some wings in front of me!
    Your talent is inspiring and a gift to many.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Claire,

      So happy to hear from you! I will be coming down to Australia in the beginning of next year (probably May) and I would love to meet you and for you to see me create a mural. I will definitely see if I can make it to NZ and if not maybe you could visit Sydney or Melbourne while I’m there?


  12. I believe if you got in touch with Heidi swallows or anyone at bucktown center of the arts that they would have you do a permenant mural. They are located in Davenport Iowa. The Figgee, art museum in Davenport would also probably feature you. The best place would be the Bettendorff public library in Bettendorf Iowa.

  13. You should definitely come to Vienna, Austria!

    This beautiful city needs one of your precious art works! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi,

    Absolutely love your work with the mural. I missed it this summer in NYC. However, I will be in Denver first week in November. I know Denver is on the list next, but has no date listed as of yet. What do you think?

  15. Hi! I’m going to Sydney in a couple of days and just wondering if the one in Bondi beach is still up! Beautiful work

  16. Kelsey, I LOVE your work!! I just recently moved to NYC, but have been a fan since well before. You’ve probably never even thought to head out midwest to the good ol’state of Iowa, but if ever you do, make sure to stop in Iowa City, IA. It’s a University town (home of the Hawkeyes) with a quaint downtown area that loves everything unique. So much street art can be found there, and the residents cherish it so much it stays around for years….even decades! I would love to see your work there. I think you’d find it a perfect fit!

  17. The mission district in San Francisco would be a perfect backdrop for one of your murals!

  18. Hey I was wondering if Seattle is in your future plans??? Your work is amazing and I think it would be really popular here!

  19. Italy?! Maybe in Milan? Have you ever thought about it? There is too much “old art” here, your wings would be amazing here

  20. Your art work is so beyond amazing!! The first time I seen it was on Pinterest and this past august I got to go to Nashville and take a picture in front of the wings in gulch .. I also was wondering maybe if you could put some wings somewhere in North Carolina . It would be awesome I know others would love to take pictures in front of them around here . Maybe in Raleigh or Charlotte they have some big buildings downtown . I live in Rockingham NC , we have a bunch of naked walls around here !lol ! Love your work . Hope one day to be able travel and see different ones you did and take pictures.

  21. Although I don’t see it on your list, your wings mural in Pittsburgh’s South Side Is enormous! We love every inch of it. How long will it be up? After posting a picture of my daughter on social media, I’ve found a ton of friends who want to experience it for themselves.
    Thank you and I can’t wait to see what you do next. And to answer the question, #whatliftsyou, it’s you Kelsey Montague.

  22. Please please please come to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is filled with street art that speaks to the soul and your like a big puzzle piece that is missing from big names like Shepard fairey to small at home artist like Inphltrait they all share a like message of rising up. Please consider the first city as a city on your tour and help spread the message that change starts in our cities!

  23. I see you have Grand Rapids MI on your list. Has it been installed yet? And if so, where can I find it? Thanks!

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