DIY: A How to Guide for Our Sticker Kits & Patches

Your How to Guide for Our Sticker Kits & Patches

With our recent launch of our iron-on patch and sticker collections, we wanted to share some quick crafting How To’s and Top Tips.

Build Your Own: Butterfly Flock or Jungle Garden 

Our sticker kits each come on an 8.5 in x 11 in sticker sheet and contain everything you need to build your own flock or garden. Kelsey designed these packs so you could channel your inner creativity and decorate your notebooks, laptop, mirror, guitar, memory box or wherever else you want to add a bit of whimsy. Just peel, place & stick!

Make a Statement: Iron-on Patches

Break out those jean jackets and backpacks! Our patch collection will brighten up and bring new life to your wardrobe. Get creative with our monogram patches, the unapologetic 8” swallow bird or take a stand with one of her social justice patches. Ten percent of sales will go towards supporting racial justice organizations.

How To Guide & What you’ll need:

• Iron
• Clean item or article of clothing
• Patch of choice
• Heat proof, clean, flat surface or ironing board

Step 1: Remove packaging and heat iron to medium/high heat depending on the fabric you are applying the patch to.

Step 2: Flatten the piece of clothing or item you will be applying the patch to.

Step 3: Apply the patch to the spot you want to secure it.

Step 4: Gently press the iron on top of the patch and move from section to section for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Double check and iron the edges, to avoid the corners peeling away. If any are poking up, continue to heat press on those areas.

VOILA! Your very own wearable masterpiece.


  • With both the stickers and patches, make sure to lay them out first to see how you want it to look and where you want to place them.
  • Choose a clean and flat surface that can absorb heat (ie. ironing board)
  • Put down a towel and then the fabric you want to put the patch on – then add the patch.

Tag us on IG with your creations! @wlywear @kelseymontagueart