Kelsey is well known for her iconic signature wings across the world. Classic, Colorful, Whimsical, and Imaginative are just a few words to describe some of her most famous pieces.

Did you know that almost every set of wings has hidden images woven into the design? Kelsey researches the local community and works with each client to curate a selection of images to incorporate the area’s culture and history into each original design.

Here are some of our favorites. If you look closely, can you spot the hidden gems?

Universal Studios – City Walk
Can you find: an old hollywood movie camera, a spotlight, 2 palm trees, and the LA Skyline?
Railway City, St. Thomas, Canada
Can you find: a railroad track, Jumbo the elephant, a tractor, an artist palette and a paintbrush?
The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town, South Africa
Traditional signature black & white wings filled with textured design.
University of Michigan
Can you find:  2 wings from the Michigan football helmet, Ferry Field gate, “M”, clock tower, and a stack of books?
Decatur, IL  
Can you find: the Decatur Transfer House, a tractor, a flyswatter, set of hands, train tracks…
… and a Cheetah in the mini-wings?
Perth, Scotland
Can you spot:  thistles, Scottish bluebells, and whole bunch of nettles?
Galway, Ireland
These faerie wings are inspired by Irish folklore and whimsy.
The Andaz Singapore Hotel, Singapore
These floral wings incorporate sophisticated, deep, and rich colors to represent the city.
Nashville, The Gulch
Can you find:  two guitars, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat?
ME! Monarch Wings – Nashville, TN  
(These wings were temporary and were removed May 2019)
Can you find: 2 cats, 1 kitten, 13 hearts, 7 stars, and 2 rainbows?

While commissioned pieces are not always permanent, they sure do leave a lasting impression in our hearts.

How many of Kelsey wing murals around the world have you been to?  Where in the world would you like to see a brand new set of wings next?

x The Montague Art Team

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