Flowers for Turkey Day

Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 7
Something I love about the Holiday season is the creativity that comes out, whether you are cooking, drawing or dressing up your table. I’m always inspired this time of year and was excited to create some art to help dress up the table this Thanksgiving. Drawing, painting, making a DIY with different materials is not only a fun memento for guests to take home, it makes the celebration personal. Who doesn’t love getting a piece of art while you’re surrounded by friends and family having fun, right? Below are two ideas for adding your creative touch to any table.
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 5
The first one is to draw a series of images and then cut out each one for your guests. These 3d pieces could also have their names on the front or back, making a fun and simple placecard as well. Create something in your own style with any medium!
6Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 6
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 3
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 2
The second idea would be to draw on a large sheet of paper and cut out a number of petals, glueing everything together at the bottom. I loved learning how to make paper flowers and found a great tutorial on 100 Layer Cake here.
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 4
Hope this inspires you to get creative and try something new this Thanksgiving!