Spray Painted Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle 4jpgYear after year I always find myself in the same problem around this time…what to bring as a hostess gift to Holiday parties. So much crazy packed into two weeks. Work is wrapping up, holiday shopping has started, family starts to become a bigger priority and holiday parties go through the roof.
Wine Bottle 7
I usually find myself getting overly stressed, frantically shopping for Christmas presents and running from one Holiday party to another in the same night. In other words, it’s freaking nuts. Knowing how crazy these next two weeks will get, here’s a fun and affordable hostess gift to take to your next party.
Wine Bottle 1
Purchase a spray paint can, a painters acrylic paint pen/chalk and a wine bottle (preferably one you don’t mind painting over the label).
Wine Bottle 5
Two easy steps. Spray the entire bottle and let dry.
Wine Bottle 6
Take your paint pen and go to town. So easy, not expensive and I promise whoever you’re giving this present to…will love it.
Wine Bottle 3
Wine Bottle 2