Laughing Man Coffee ♡

Laughing Man Angel Wings 3I wanted to focus on creating a positive discussion on what lifts you up with these wings. What inspires you, what do you do when you’re down or sad. As you guys know the piece is filled with New York images, some well known, others that were personal to me when I lived there.

Laughing Man Angel Wings 4

I want to share a few things with you guys that lift me up. One is coffee.

Laughing Man quote

I know this is silly but without coffee I honestly would not function. Not sure if you’ve heard of Laughing Man but they’re a socially good coffee brand in NYC started by Hugh Jackman and David Steingard. Half of their proceeds goes to Laughing Man Worldwide an awesome business model that gives 100% of their profits to organizations and people in need around the world. Definitely check them out, their coffee is amazing and every dollar helps make a difference!

Hugh Jackman for Laughing Man Coffee

Laughing Man coffee bags

Pastries at Laughing Man

Laughing Man coffee

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