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Flowers for Turkey Day

Nov 25, 2014

Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 7
Something I love about the Holiday season is the creativity that comes out, whether you are cooking, drawing or dressing up your table. I’m always inspired this time of year and was excited to create some art to help dress up the table this Thanksgiving. Drawing, painting, making a DIY with different materials is not only a fun memento for guests to take home, it makes the celebration personal. Who doesn’t love getting a piece of art while you’re surrounded by friends and family having fun, right? Below are two ideas for adding your creative touch to any table.
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 5
The first one is to draw a series of images and then cut out each one for your guests. These 3d pieces could also have their names on the front or back, making a fun and simple placecard as well. Create something in your own style with any medium!
6Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 6
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 3
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 2
The second idea would be to draw on a large sheet of paper and cut out a number of petals, glueing everything together at the bottom. I loved learning how to make paper flowers and found a great tutorial on 100 Layer Cake here.
Thanksgiving by Kelsey Montague Art 4
Hope this inspires you to get creative and try something new this Thanksgiving!


Happy Birthday Toulouse-Lautrec!

Nov 23, 2014

Toulouse Lautrec by Kelsey Montague Art
Celebrating one of my favorite artist’s of all time today. The first time I heard of Toulouse-Lautrec I was in middle school and I was obsessed with Can-Can dancers and the Moulin Rouge (thanks to my Grandma who first introduced the film Can Can to me). His style is completely different than mine but I could stare at his work for hours and completely lose myself every time. In the simplest of ways he captured his surroundings and the essence of a city.
The Cartwheel by
^^The Cartwheel^^
At the Moulin Rouge by The Art
^^At The Moulin Rouge^^
Studio paris
^^Montmartre was one of his favorite places and it still attracts creatives today. Photo by Studio Paris Montmartre Poster Shop by Gary Tinnes
^^Stunning poster shop photo of Toulouse Lautrec’s work by Gary Tinnes^^
The passenger in Cabin 54, 1986
Happy Birthday Lautrec. Thank you for the gift that was you.


Elephant Love

Nov 17, 2014

Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 6
^^Nail wrap with my girls over at Scratch Nails…available now!^^
I love elephants. Everything about them. They’re so beautiful, they’re intelligent, they’re family oriented, they’re powerful and caring.
Elephant by KM
^^An elephant I drew years ago^^
Kelsey Montague elephant
If you guys love these beautiful creatures as much as I do, watch the video below of two elephants dancing to music.

I could seriously draw these stunning creatures all day everyday.


Art and Candy

Nov 7, 2014

Sugarfina Robin Eggs by Kelsey Montague Art
^^Candy by Sugarfina^^
Playing with candy never gets old for me. Not only do I have a massive sweet tooth (thank you Grandma) but candy is so creative. There is so much you can create with it and in a lot of ways you’re adding your own imagination to someone else’s creation.

Here are some of my favorite candy posts over the last year;) #TGIF loves
Candy by Kelsey Montague Art

Nail Art for Scratch Nails

Nov 2, 2014

Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 12
So excited to announce the launch of my nail wrap collection with the awesome ladies at Scratch Nails. Throughout the month of November, there are three different styles to chose from AND there’s a special gift in each manibox that let’s you get creative. And someone will win an original drawing from me. This was my first time drawing specifically for nails and I loved it.
Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 7
Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails_Lollipop
^^^#whatliftsyou takes flight^^^
Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 4

Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 5

Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 10
^^^Animal party^^^
Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 2

Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 14
^^^If you look closely you might see a panda on one of these nails^^^
Kelsey Montague Art for Scratch Nails 11
^^^If you missed it…here are a few more^^^

Coffee Art

Nov 2, 2014

Coffee wings by Kelsey Montague
Drinking coffee, drawing coffee, learning about coffee, visiting coffee shops…pretty much anything to do with coffee I’m going to love.
Elephant and cookies by Kelsey Montague Art
When I first started drawing for my social media pages, there was a lot of coffee posts in there. And to be honest there are still a lot of coffee posts in there. Primarily because they make me happy to work on and visually represent my caffeine craving in the morning. Love seeing the response these posts have had over the last year. Annndd I can’t wait to work on some more caffeine inspired ideas.
Here are some of my all time favorite coffee posts. (And I hope your Monday is going fast and drama free at work)

KM Paws 2

Photo May 15, 2 08 54 PM

Latte Love

Heavenly Cup of Coffee

Muffin Heaven

Rattlesnake coffee

Photo May 15, 1 55 40 PM

Coffee heart by Kelsey Montague Art

Coffee and cinnamon rolls