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Jul 30, 2015

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Hi Guys

I’m super pleased to announce I’ve launched a sub-campaign of #WhatLiftsYou called #EqualityLifts
The wings within this new series will always be half black, half white and created in such a way that allows people to stand, facing each other when they have a picture taken.

But most of all I hope this sparks an online discussion about the challenge of equality in our country and, specifically, the brutal stories of racism we’ve been inundated with on the news.

So please stop by the wings with your friends in NY (Nolita) take a picture together and talk online about the importance of equality in your own life.

“Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK



Cereal Killer Cafe

Jul 20, 2015

Cereal Cafe with Kelsey Montague Art

I’ve been recently looking through photos from London, wishing every city in the world had a cereal cafe. If you’re in London or will be soon, you need to check out the Cereal Killer Cafe on Bricklane. It’s a small space with only a handful of seats that you could easily miss if you weren’t looking or if there wasn’t a huge line out the front door. If you love cereal (or even if you don’t) this place is worth checking out. Floor to ceiling cereals from all over the world, a full menu with different cereal mixes & milk flavors. If you’re in the mood there are even cereal chapsticks to buy. So much fun and such a great idea ♡

Hippo 2 by Kelsey Montague Art





#whatliftsyou World Tour

Jul 14, 2015

Laceit mural by Kelsey Montague Art

Hey guys,

Here’s a list of the murals I have up right now and the length of time they’ll be available for viewing. Let me know if you guys can see them (or hopefully more than one of them) and which city you think I should travel to next?!

Also attached a list of cities I’ll be traveling to soon for more street art murals!



Littleton, CO – Spur coffee (1 month)

San Jose, Costa Rica (permanent)

Auckland, NZ – Ponsonby (two weeks)

Sydney, AU – Bondi Beach ( 2 months)

Melbourne, AU – Melbourne Central, Flinders St Station, Queen Victoria Market, Combi (TBD)

Zermatt, Switzerland (3 months)

Zurich, Switzerland (4 months)

Basel, Switzerland  (4 months)


Upcoming cities!

New Orleans (July)

NYC (July/August)

San Diego, CA (Aug)

Vancouver, Canada (Sept)

Grand Rapids, MI (Sept)

San Obispo, CA (Oct)

Denver, CO (TBD)

Jamaica (TBD)

Paris (TBD)

South Africa (TBD)