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Goodbye 2014

Dec 31, 2014

Kels 2
2014 you were a year to remember. I made more life changes within the last 12 months than I ever have before. Here’s my 2014 recap (can’t believe this all happened in 12 months)…
Kelsey Montague Art 1
I quit my job(/s) in NY.
new years in colorado
I moved out of NYC.
Kelsey Montague Art 3again
I got a puppy > Roo
Kelsey Montague Art 4
I started drawing interactive wall murals.
Kelsey Montague Art 5
I started traveling again.
Kelsey Montague Art 6
I focused on Nikita & Vesper – the fashion brand my sister and I started.
Kelsey Montague Art 7
I spent time with family in CO.
Kelsey Montague Art 8
I started getting more sleep/eating better and just taking better care of myself.
Kelsey Montague Art 9
I went for it this last year, in every way. It was scary but my life is on a beautiful new path now and it’s enriched by getting to know so many of you and committing myself completely to my art and this community. Thanks for going down this unknown path with me guys. 2015 is going to be even more crazy and I can’t wait to share it all with YOU! New countries/states to visit, new murals to make, more art, new ideas, a big move to California with my sister, a growing puppy and the building of my blog/art brand. Can’t wait. Have an awesome last day of 2014. Here’s to the new year, going after your dreams and making it all happen…#2015 #youaregoingtobeamazing


Exciting News for 2015

Dec 23, 2014

Pen & Ink globe by Kelsey Montague Art
Guys I’m so excited to say after countless hours of non-stop work, I have some exciting murals & commissions for my art coming up this year. The list below highlights just a few of the towns we’ll be visiting in the New Year.

Salt Lake City
New Orleans
Washington DC
And then a big move to San Diego with my sister!!!

More info coming soon. Anndd I can’t wait to meet more of you in the New Year!


I wish I wish

Dec 22, 2014

Dec 23rd Grandpa's Paintbrushes
Grandpa I miss you more than words can describe. I wish you were still here painting with these paint brushes. I wish you were sitting down with our family telling us stories about World War II. I wish you could see what I’m doing with my art. I wish you could see that I never gave up…and that I will never give up. I wish you could stand in front of one of my murals. I wish I could watch you paint with your beautiful and perfect artists hands. I wish I could call you and tell you about the projects I’m working on. I wish I could share with you the community I now have. I wish I could sit next to you and have another drawing lesson. But most of all I wish you’re happy and I pray to see you again…one day soon.
^^A local newspaper took this pic highlighting his work in both education and in art galleries^^
JHR Bagpiper
^^One of my favorite paintings of his. He was a Scot through and through^^
Happy Birthday Grandpa…you were an incredible human being and a true artist.


Sugar Cookie Art

Dec 19, 2014

Sugar Cookie Art
Best memories of making sugar cookies right here. It’s been longer than I can remember since being in my home town for Christmas. And even though there’s not much snow, my sister and I were determined to revisit some of our family traditions. One of those traditions is to decorate sugar cookies. So many amazing memories with my family doing this.

We love this recipe.

To do the art we recommend using a simple white frosting, letting it dry completely through and using edible paint pens to create on each cookie. Have fun! Doodle, draw, create a special cookie for a loved one. Instead of writing out To/From cards this year use a cute wrapped up cookie to do it!

Sugar Cookie Art - Christmas Tree
Sugar Cookie Art - Snowflake
And to mix it up even more, we purchased these Foodoodler decorating pens. I had no idea these pens even existed but I have feeling they’ll be brought out now for every Christmas we have at home.
Sugar Cookie Art - Kelsey Montague
Sugar cookies 3
Sugar Cookie - Mix It Up

Coffee Shop Drawing

Dec 15, 2014

Coffee Shop 4
Coffee shops will always be one of my favorite spots to draw. For the longest time, this was the only way people would see my art and it was the only way I could share my work. I’ve never been a library person, coffee shops are relaxing to me. The smell, the energy, people coming and going…it’s the best kind of community, no matter where you live.
Flowers in latte
Coffee Shop 2
Coffee Shop 5
Coffee Shop 3
Spur is one of those happy places for me. It’s in my home town of CO, the family who owns it are awesome and the coffee is wonderful. Best spot to draw in CO.


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Tis The Season

Dec 12, 2014

Gingerbread 3
Well the Holiday stress is about to set in. Of course at this time of year, once again, I haven’t Christmas shopped, I’ve been eating sweets non stop and work has been crazy. BUT there’s always time for gingerbread houses and Snowmen right?
Gingerbread 2
Gingerbread 5
Candy + sketchbook/pens + family nearby…I’m in heaven ^^
Gingerbread 6
Snowman 1
Hope you guys are doing something fun with your loved ones amongst the crazy right now.


New Art Mugs!

Dec 11, 2014

Elephant cup by Kelsey Montague Art
I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and finally had a couple of my drawings made onto coffee mugs. I’m starting out with my little elephant and a pair of my #whatliftsyou wings available here.
Elephant front
Angel Wing Mug 1
Angel Wing Mug 3

Thought these would be great stocking stuffers for the Holidays;)


Holiday Takeaways

Dec 7, 2014

Potted Plant 4
Honestly who doesn’t love a baby plant? Especially when it comes in a cute little pot with your own artwork on it.

You guys can probably tell by this point, I love fun, simple, affordable and creative gifts for the Holiday season. And these cute little potted plants are no exception. These cute little potted plants and these acrylic paint pens are the perfect pair.
Potted Plant 8
Potted Plant 1
Potted Plant 2
Potted Plant 3
Potted Plant 5
No matter what you plant in these pots, they’re a fun and simple takeaway gift for any Holiday party.
Potted Plant 6again
Potted Plant 7

Spray Painted Wine Bottle

Dec 3, 2014

Wine Bottle 4jpgYear after year I always find myself in the same problem around this time…what to bring as a hostess gift to Holiday parties. So much crazy packed into two weeks. Work is wrapping up, holiday shopping has started, family starts to become a bigger priority and holiday parties go through the roof.
Wine Bottle 7
I usually find myself getting overly stressed, frantically shopping for Christmas presents and running from one Holiday party to another in the same night. In other words, it’s freaking nuts. Knowing how crazy these next two weeks will get, here’s a fun and affordable hostess gift to take to your next party.
Wine Bottle 1
Purchase a spray paint can, a painters acrylic paint pen/chalk and a wine bottle (preferably one you don’t mind painting over the label).
Wine Bottle 5
Two easy steps. Spray the entire bottle and let dry.
Wine Bottle 6
Take your paint pen and go to town. So easy, not expensive and I promise whoever you’re giving this present to…will love it.
Wine Bottle 3
Wine Bottle 2